About TREnDS


TREnDS, began in Toronto in 2004, when four teen girls decided that something needed to be done in response to the growing uniformity in teen fashion and the increasing tendency to objectify young women. Along with a mentor, TREnDS was their response: a fashion and image project was born.

It didn’t take long for word to get around. In 2006, TREnDS groups started in Ottawa and Vancouver. In 2007, the Montreal group was formed. The dream binding them together was to discover their own individual styles and to make the voice of teens heard by the fashion industry.


TREnDS offers an alternative to the popular image of beauty – out of reach for most teens and often a source of frustration, dissatisfaction with their bodies and a risk factor for low self-esteem.  TREnDS attempts to off-set the hypersexualization of young women, provide a platform for a lasting sense of self-worth and deeper appreciation for their non-physical beauty. Rather than reduce fashion to the purely physical, TREnDS invites teens to delve inside their own personalities, reinforce them and let who they are define their style; after all, the difference between following the latest fashion and being fashionable is style – and that comes from self-confidence rooted in self-knowledge.

Advocating true femininity and beauty, TREnDS believes in fashion that reflects the entire person. TREnDS aims to revolutionize teen fashion culture by providing a platform from which teenaged girls can share their ideas with the industry.  TREnDS works to end the objectification of women by challenging that unarticulated, yet overpowering, message transmitted by hyper-sexualized fashion and marketing that claims a woman’s ultimate value is her sexual appeal.


With the collaboration of some professionals, TREnDS is still led by teens, for teens.  

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